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Robust. Reliable. And very economical. 

Developed to offer robust, low-cost solutions, L’M products are ideal for low to medium-intensity operations in a huge range of different applications. Within the line-up you’ll find the perfect model for your needs, whether that involves precise handling in very tight spaces, operation on steep gradients or simply moving goods safely, quickly and very reliably. Best of all, you can be certain the model you choose has been manufactured to the highest standards using world-class componentry, to give long, dependable service. Selected exclusively by Logisnext Europe, L’M products and dealers are backed by the experience and expertise of a world-leading support team. That means rapid-response maintenance and repairs, comprehensive parts supply, and a full range of rental options and finance solutions. 

In a wide spectrum of industries and applications, the L’M range is ideal for low to medium intensity operations. Combining the most advanced components with rugged engineering, the range delivers proven, non-stop performance and exceptional durability. Importantly, because outputs are high and maintenance requirements are low, this is a line-up to meet the demands of the real world.  With L’M you’re investing in more than a machine... you are securing long-term peace of mind. 

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