• MPB15E
  • MPB15E

Pedestrian power pallet truck  

1500 kg capacity  

With its compact dimensions, low service weight and small turning radius, the MPB15E is unbeatable for short and mid-distance runs and in tight spaces typically found in retail stores, trailers, containers and small warehouses.  

A great all-rounder, it features a maintenance-free 48V lithium-ion battery that can easily be recharged by ‘opportunity charging’ at convenient times throughout the day. In more demanding operations, the battery can be easily changed – with a full recharge taking just three hours via an external charging dock using a standard 230V socket. 

Driving and lifting functions are powered while lowering is operated manually.   

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  • Ergonomic tiller arm ensures easy, strain-free manoeuvring and can be operated vertically in ‘creep mode’ for safe, precise handling in restricted spaces 
  • Patented, maintenance-free hub motor eliminates wearable components for exceptionally long service life 
  • Regenerative brake system improves braking performance and recharges the battery 
  • Hill-hold automatically applies the parking brake on gradients and ramps. 
  • Maintenance-free 48V, 20Ah Li-ion battery can easily be exchanged or ‘opportunity charged’ with the battery ‘in-situ’. Full recharge takes just 3 hours 
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