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  • MOPB3E
  • MOPB3E
  • MOPB3E

Mini order picker 

Designed to increase productivity and increase safety, the MPB3E is a genuine game changer.  

For some, it’s a great replacement for ladders, reducing the risk of accidents and back injuries and making maintenance very fast and efficient. For others it is an outstanding order picker perfectly suited to smaller warehouses, supermarkets and retail promises. 

Compact and exceptionally stable, it provides a secure load handling space in the narrowest spaces and to a maximum platform height of 3 metres.  

Full platform sensing maximises operator safety. All functions are immobilised unless: the safety gate is fully closed; the operator has both feet on the dual floor pedals; both hands are on the control handle.

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  • Low step height allows easy entry and reduces operator fatigue 
  • Speed is automatically adjusted to suit different lift heights 
  • ‘Creep speed’ function ensures slower, safer and tighter manoeuvres 
  • Fingertip control of all functions ensures easy, precise operation in the tightest spaces 
  • Robust construction and excellent stability allow safe load handling to the maximum work height of 5 metres 
  • Sensors ensure operator must be safely settled in place before any functions will operate 
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